First and most important rule: The guest is always right!

Sincerity, responsibility and discretion are the characteristics of our agency, but our escorts offer amazing feelings of intimacy, pleasure, temptation and seduction. These are things only our escort ladies and boys can give you.

Seriousness - your emails, requests and questions will be answered. The escort will arrive at the agreed meeting place on time and will stay as long you wish. You can also extend the meeting once it has begun by calling.

Responsibility - in the event the escort misses her or his flight or can't make the meeting due to illness, your expenses for the airfare will be refunded by Western Union. These situation are rare, but they do happen, in which case we honor our commitment and refund your money.

Discretion is alpha-omega for us. What we offer is also what we request from our clients.

ATTENTION: No service to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Please do not waste our or your precious time.

Please provide following information

  • Which models do you wish to meet?
  • When and how long do you wish to meet the model?
  • Where do you wish to meet the model


We require a security deposit of 150 Euro/Day for confirmed reservations here in Kharkov


We require travel expenses plus 20% upfront if we organize the travel. Balance to the model upon arrival at the airport.

We require 40% deposit if you wish to organize the travel. Balance to the model upon arrival at the airport..

Down payment is conveniently with Western Union (), Moneygram (), RIA () or Unistream ()